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Reply to "Compu Live Questions"

Thanks for your help. I tried what you said, and here's what I found:

1. I do have my Cycle created under the Master page, so I tried using the Live Toolbar Button. I do see the size, dimmer and speed controls, but only when I have a scene (like Blue) selected. When I click my "Cycle 1" button, the size, dimmer and speed controls disappear and are replaced with the text: "Cycle: Cycle 1". It's like all of those features are being disabled b/c I'm running a cycle instead of a scene or switch.

2. I suppose I will just have to wait until I buy the program to see if it works in "real life". Until then, I'll wait for the new LED Pro fixture to come out. No big deal.

3. I tried this and it worked...success!! However, it would be very nice to have control over pan inverse per scene and not necessarily apply globally over all scenes that the fixture is associated with. I don't suppose that is possible though.

4. OK

5. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. Here's what I did...I created a scene where all 4 of my MH's were on and lighting up each of the 4 corners of the "stage" (really called the Podium in the construction mode). I saved that as Show 1. Then I resized the Podium to be twice the size as it was. Saved that as Show 2. I also tried resizing the actual "Stage", which I like to consider the room dimensions, and saved that as Show 3. In all three cases, when I activated the scene I created, the lights went to exactly the same place in space. What I was hoping is that they would "re-scale" themselves with the new stage/podium dimensions and point to the new corners. I may be wishing for the moon here, but I can't help but wonder, what do lighting designers do when faced with different size stages from show to show, but don't want to manually re-adjust all of the light positions for each scene?

Thanks again,