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Reply to "Compu Live Questions"

Hi Matchless1
I wanted to jump in and help out a bit.

For Q1.
You cannot control the speed of a cycle with 1 slider.
What you would need to do for this is create steps using EASY STEP in the edit window of a scene.
After multiple steps have been created, you need to convert the Easy step to EASY TIME using a yellow button labled Easy Time.
This is where the faders Jingles was talking about kick in.

The 3D window works seperatly from the real life fixtures.
The attributes created are primarily inteded to make the fixture work perfect.
In order for the 3D window fixture to work perfectly you need to work with the profile your self and tweak it to your needs.
You can modify a fixture using the Fixture Library Editor.

I don't understand this question much.
I am guessing you have 4 MH's?
In the Page settings options you will find X/Y button. This lets you invert the pan or tilt of any fixture in the page you are working in.

Nope. no way to turn off the view of switches.
I have been requesting this feature for 2 years and will be a funtion that may be available in 2008.

This feature is known as focus presets.
and is yet not perfected on this version of the software.
It will be available on the 2008 edition.

Best regards,