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Reply to "Compu Live Questions"

Hi John,
Thank you for your responses as well.

1. I tried what you said and made my chase a Scene using Easy Step. After that I was able to control the speed via the Live Button Toolbar. So, in other words, I did not need to do anything further using Easy Time. I tried it any way (yellow button making the channels Easy Time), but it just seemed to mess up my chase, so I went back to making all channels Easy Step. I notice that the F7 and F8 keys allow me to adjust the speed up and down. Is there any way at all though to have one key be an actual "tempo key". For example, I'm listening to the tempo of the snare drum of the band and I want to match it quickly w/o adjusting up and down (F7 and F8). I just want to be able to "tap" a key to the beat of the snare (w/o knowing the actual BPM). This seems to be a common feature on ALL manual (non-PC based) lighting controllers, and I've gotten used to this feature over the years. Surely this can be achieved somehow with CompuLive.

2. I've spent a few hours in the Fixture Library Editor like you recommended. When I first pulled up the profile for the AMDJ LED PAR 64, immediately I noticed that the strobe channel (Ch.5) had no "effect" setting in the edit mode of Ch.5. So I changed the effect setting to "Shutter strobe". Upon doing so, the icon automatically changed to SStrob.ico (what I think I want). I checked the DMX level settings...everything looked good. I thought, surely this has to fix the problem. Well, it did...sort of. Now, I have control over the strobe rate, but I cannot make the shutter just stay open w/ no strobe effect. I've tried many different things like adjusting the DMX levels of the Red, Blue, Green channels to 255 and the Dimmer channel to 63 (full intensity) and the Strobe channel to 0. Whenever I set it like this, I see white light strobing every 10 seconds. Of course, as I increase the DMX level on the strobe channel, the frequency of the strobe increases, as expected. I tried attaching a screen shot of my settings in the Fixture Library Editor of this light, but I cannot figure out how to post images to my reply?

If all else fails, do you know when we can expect the profile for the LED Pro to be out?

3. I have figured out what I need on this one, thanks to you guys!

4. OK, I'll just keep checking back for the 2008 edition. Any ETA on its release?

5. Same as #4.

Thanks again for all of your help John and Jingles!