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Reply to "Compu Live Questions"

I am really impressed on how you picked everything up. So to move forward, you can achieve the tempo your looking for by activating the Audio function in Compu Live.

Step 1.
In the "controller" drop down menu look for "Starting parameters".
Then in the Options box, choose "Audio/Midi"
and in this new window, click on the check box with the speaker icon. Then close all windows.
You will be prompted to restart, and the Audio Analizer box will open automaticly. Minimize this for a second. We'll come back to this.
Step 2.
Convert one of your Easy step scenes to Easy Time. This is a must.
Go to the Easy Time window, and you will see an Excel type graph, with the postion coordinates of your easy step converted into easy time.
The top of the graph displays the dmx channel.
Click on the DMX address you wish to control by tempo, then right click on it.
you will see a few options as music pulse and music bpm.
make sure you select Music BPM.
Close and save it.
Step 3.
When you have the scene selected, you will want to maximize your Audio Analiser window.
You will see a "sound to light" and a "BPM" tab.
select the BPM tab, and you will see three options.
The learing option is the tap sync you are looking for.
You will need to play with all the functions here to get you going.

For the Library you are working on, you need to remember that when a lighting fixture is created, they don't take account someone creating a 3D version of it.
Check the Defualt option check box. If you have the defualt check box selected in one of the strobing parameters, then by defualt it will want to strobe.
Or sometimes you need to invent a simple black value from 0-1 so that by default it will be off.
Then strobe when you select the strobe button.
From what I'm reading you have it on the slowest strobe for the value of "0" this is why it is still strobing.

Best regards,