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Reply to "Compu Live Questions"

Thank you and Jingles for your help. It all really helped!

I actually went ahead and ordered the program about a week ago. Today was the first chance I've had to make sure what I had programmed matched what actually happened. I have figured out most of the bugs, but there is still one I can't quite get:

My 4 moving heads (Design Spot 250) initialize to a different position than what is shown on the visualizer. For example, in reality when I look at the MH's they sit on the ground in front of me with the address lights of the base facing me. The "U" shape of the yoke arms runs left to right (not front the back). The head is tilted all the way down, pointing away from me (back). The visualizer shows the base orientation correctly, I think (b/c the visualizer doesn't show address lights). But, the yoke arms are rotated 45 degrees from how they should be, and the head is tilted all the way down pointing towards me (front) and to the right (45 degrees).

I need to figure out how to fix one or both things (the light setting and/or the program setting) so that they match. I've tried everything I know how in the Construction mode, but all I can do there is change the Base orientation, not the yoke or the head. I also tried adjusting the INIT scene, but I can't get that to work either.

Any ideas?