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Reply to "Design 36 LED"

Yea, going in two diff. churches. (order will be for Magnolia Music Center - Gulfport, MS) We are new so I'm sure we have to pay for it all up front a few times before we get "terms".
8 DLED 36, 2 DLED MH, and 2 Design Spot 250 fixtures go to one church.
10 DLED 36, and 2 Design Spot 250 fixtures go to another church.
Both will go Compu Live for control. (and yes, James has laid out one 3D for me and might be working on the 2nd one soon)
Plan on having both installed and trained by Easter.
We've taken a deposit on the 2nd one as of yesterday.
(but today was our day to get tax info on all three of our stores to the accountant - so might be later in the week before we get the order placed)

The first church has been shopping online and claims he is getting the Elation lighting below MAP on every fixture. SO Friday I meet with him to convince him to pay a bit more by going thru me. (added service from going thru our retail store as opposed to mail order)
wish me luck