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Reply to "Design Spot 250 Fade Issues"

Ahhh! Ok.. Your starting from INIT.

This makes sense as with INIT all values of the moving light are off.
So when you fade on, every function is fading.
In programming you need to get used to creating set up scenes.
A set up scene is the scene you want to be active before your actual scene comes on.
This is what I was talking about when I suggested to create the scene you want, and bring down all the dimmers.
Record that as the scene. Position, color, gobo, but dimmer off.
then simply turn on the dimmers and record that as your second scene.
You can set a fade time on both, and you will notice that when you come from your INIT to scene 1 with dimmer off, no strobing will occur.
When you select scene 2, only the dimmers will turn on.
Unfortunatly you will find this on any lighting control console you look into.
This is standard inteligent lighting DMX programming.

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