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DMX Operator Pro and MIDI


So I have run a Magic 260 for a long time and while it's a great board, I need more MIDI functionality. Unless things have changed (which I really hope is the case) then you only have 48 scenes and 12 shows that can be triggered via midi in the 260. I NEED MORE!! haha. Basically I run a metronome live with backing tracks and I want to start midi triggering the lights via a Midi track in Ableton Live.

I have been looking at the DMX Operator Pro and it looks great (I wish I could do software live but it isn't a possibility right now). I dug through the manual, but I have some questions:

1) The controller is set up via two different sides but I want to make sure I can change scenes/chases on the par side and intelligent side independently. Is this the case? Also, is this the case on the midi side of it as well?

2) How fast will the Operator Pro Respond to MIDI? With the way MIDI is setup on that, there will be a lot of MIDI commands with the switching pages and choosing a scene/chase. So if I sent lets say three notes in rapid succession (let say page select, par scene select, and moving light chase) will it respond correctly? If I triggered 3 scenes in rapid succession (like .2 seconds each) would this work or muck it up?

3) Is there an error in the manual about the moving light section? In the MIDI chart from the manual it list note numbers 23-24 as fixture page 1-12, but there isn't a moving light page!! The question becomes was the first line supposed to read Moving Light Page 1-12 or is there really only 8 scenes and 8 chases you can choose via midi? Should fixture be replaced with "moving light"

4) How would the operator pro do responding to say midi chords. Will it take multiple MIDI notes at once?

I know that was very long and there were a lot of questions so thanks!!

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