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Reply to "DMX Operator Pro and MIDI"

Thanks John. I wish I could step up to the showdesigner, but at that point, I would just get the 1024FC and have the timeline ability.

Basically, I am only running 8 channels of pars, 4 scanners, and 4-6 LED PARS's so both the software and the showdesigner 1 are way overkill for as little as I have. Plus, fundage is pretty low.

So I guess we are back to the 3 questions:

Can you select par scenes/chases independent to moving light scene/chases? Can they be selected this way with MIDI as well? (manual doesn't state one way or another whether you can do this)

How fast does the board respond to Midi?

Are all 96 moving light scenes selectable via MIDI? This goes back to wondering if there was a typo in the manual from my previous post.

Thanks again