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Reply to "DMX Operator Pro and MIDI"

thanks everyone.

I am going to really dig deep into the mydmx software tonight. I am fairly familiar with the compuware software so I hope it isn't to different.

I would still like to have a couple questions answered about the operator pro though:

Can you independently choose par scenes/chases from moving light scenes/chases? Is this the case with MIDI as well? If so, doesn't that give you thousands of combinations to choose from via simple midi notes? i.e. this par scene with this moving light scene (granted, it will take several scenes to get any amount of movement).

Realistically, how well does the DMX OP Pro respond to midi? How many scenes can I trigger per second? 2? 5? etc...

Can you access all 96 moving light scenes via midi? This goes back to the question if there was an error in the manual

Chris: Thanks so much for the info. We are running ableton Live in "cells" The verses, choruses, bridge etc all have there on "chunk" inside ableton. Our live guy is triggering by hand so we can still be a band. If we get off the metronome, it's easy to get back on. That would be a lot of switching between background and foreground so it looks like it will have to be another computer.

Jingles: For the won't run in the background section, I found one forum at ADJ that had it, but I thought I read it somewhere else as well

thanks again everyone!