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Reply to "Haze question."

Again.. Serra is right on it..
Whenever I use the X-310.. I always run it between 10 and 17% continuos.
Over 20% and that thing is blasting.

I also agree with EBAC... don't use FLG. Actually FLG is a fluid from Antari that we don't import.
Elation makes X series Fluid.
X-Fog Pro
X-Fog Ice
X-Haze Oil
X-Haze H20

All I can say is that this is the fluid I use, and wouldn't recomend a fluid I've never used on the X-310II. Maybe EBAC and Serra have used different fluids on the X-310 but, I wouldn't go with anything that hasn't been used before.

On another note.. we've been discussing Haze, but the X-310 is actually a fogger. Make sure you don't use Haze fluid in this machine as it will cause damage.. Stick with Fog fluids.

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