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Reply to "Haze question."

As a manufacturer, I would agree... if time is an issue... you have an event this weekend and the local guy doesn't have our fog fluid, then try and get the next best thing.
But as Serra said, our or any service department will blame you if your machine gets ruined as a result of a fluid. Is it worth risking your warranty?
As a manufacturer, I don't know what's in other peoples fluids, so I can't say what effects it will have on our machine... So I must strongly request that you use only our recommended fluids.

My questions to EBAC.
Are you saying that Haze fluids and Fog fluids are the same?

Are you recommending Froggy's water base Haze fluid in an X-310.. considering the X-310 is a Fogger?

Trying to clear things up here.

Best regards,