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Reply to "Hazer/Fazer....confusion :confused:"

Your on the right track. I believe X-310II is what your looking for. The other great features this machine has is it already comes with on board timer and DMX digital module!! this is awesome. It also features a blue LED fluid indicator, as soon as fluid levels are low it starts to blink telling you to add more fluid.

And to be clear the X-310II is mainly a fog machine producing a haze-type effect.

A haze machine runs continous, the minute you turn on a hazer the compressor starts and you have instant start and instant stop. So in DMX mode the DMX command is turning on the compressor and turning off the compressor.

Since the X-310II is a fog machine with a heater, then you need to wait 15 minutes for the machine to be ready to haze.
once its ready to haze the DMX command triggers output %.
If you run it at 100% then it will behave like a fogger...aproximatly 2 minutes of haze and then 2 minutes to warm up again.
So the way to get continous output would be to run it at 50% output. running it at 50% output gives you continuous haze. Like a hazer.. DMX command will trigger 0% output and dmx command will trigger 50% output for instant haze.

You may think that 50% is not enough but 50% x-310II output is equivelant to a really great haze machine.

Whether your running at 50% output or 100% output your machine will still require 1000Watts for the heating element inside the unit. it doesn't consume fluid when there is no output, it will only consume fluid when its running an at 50% output its not much
We run these for 8 hours a day durring trade shows, we fill them up in the morning and they run all day.

All x-series Antari foggers come with X-20 dmx timer modules

I hope all this info is useful.