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Reply to "Hazer/Fazer....confusion :confused:"

I'm not opposed to having 2 machines in the long run. Short term, an all-in-one or just the hazer is fine. As I've mentioned, the producer hsa a decent pro fog machine that I'll be adding into my MyDMX universe closer to show time.

It sounds like the X-310's would more than do the job. You bring up a good point though about the stage appearance. The "actors" or "cast", or rather, specifically "shadowcast" are not my main concern. The main concern is that I'm going to be shooting a BluRay on a 6500 Lumens projector THROUGH the fog and haze and shadowcast.

That being said, now I'm looking at the HZ-300, mainly due to pricing. Since it is compatible with a water-based solution(Antari HZL-1W), it meets my requirements for a water-based option.

I haven't ruled out the X-310 yet, but I have to think about that video being projected through. The audience is there for both the film AND the shadowcast performance in front of the screen.

Two things, and Elation, please take this with constructive criticism:
The manuals for many of your products I am looking at are not complete. The specifications are largely absent. For example, the X-310II manual does NOT mention the wattage draw the unit requires, but the web site does. Now, looking at the HZ300, I don't see specs in the manual and nothing super usable via the web site as far as wattage draw.

If the best option for me long term is owning a dedicated fog machine AND a dedicated hazer, then I need to think accordingly and budget accordingly. As a production company, I rarely use fog as it is anyways, so I'm not likely to grab the hazer all the time either. Considering this shadowcast thing is going to be a monthly event, with possibly some touring options and extended runs, the investments into dedicated fogger and hazer should be smart purchases.

Now I'm off to scour the Elation site and see if ground fog and snow machines are affordable. I may have to go with ADJ options, due to pricing. I can head on back to that board to ask those questions if need be.

Mainly: how long does it take ground fog to go away in general, and duty cycle times for snow machines. I know I don't need the snow machine for more than 7 minutes, and I don't think I need snow for the entire 7 minutes either. But I have to re-watch that movie again to get approximate timings. I'm already doing my lighting show to it.