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Reply to "Hazer/Fazer....confusion :confused:"

OK, lots to take into consideration.

Snow machine: I had some experience with those at my Disneyland trip in 2006. The effect was convincing but immediately I could tell they were just miniature soap bubbles. I guess since the shot them off after the fireworks show, this was the first level of park cleaning: The big firework show, soap it up, close the park and push the guests out and then hose down Disneyland!

(Please don't ask about my 3-year old peeing on all the rides during my recent trip, but it makes me look at Disneyland from a whole new perspective. I hope they do in fact hose down the whole park daily!)

I was hoping for something more "realistic".
I have to hope this won't make the stage too slick, but it would be used towards the end, which is going to get messy when the character the snow is for is killed, and then without changing the scene, one of the leads is also killed, and then another lead dies

Noise is a concern. As I will try to hide this above the stage in the gap between the screen and the ceiling tiles, I might be able to get away with the noise. In addition, the soundtrack is quite loud during these portion.

400 watts for a HZ-300 I can swing. Even the higher numbers on the HZ-400 are acceptable.

Ground fog: I get what you're saying. Depending on where they want the ground fog to be, I could simply let it do it's thing and not worry about how long it takes to go away. I'm not dealing with dry ice due to handling concerns and costs, but mainly handling concerns. I think the ground fog only needs to be used in the beginning anyways.

Hazer the whole time, ground fog at beginning, fog storm in the middle(very brief), snow at the end.

I guess all I'm missing is a bubble machine, and there's no stripper scene so I don't see the production needing one of those!