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Reply to "Hazer/Fazer....confusion :confused:"

Wow, that's gonna a be WAY over kill for this production. I see where you're coming from though. In this case, your experience is helpful, but I know for a fact there is just no way I can afford this unit, much less power it!

The budget on this show is "whatever I can spare", and I've gotten word that I can give up the lighting search. Thanks for the advise though, I'm applying it towards a future purchase as I need stuff like that anyways.

4 IEC's? Crap. That's a lot. Seems like a 30-amp twistlock would have been a nicer way to go as far as ease of connectivity or maybe a 220 circuit.

I am going through my typical stuff right now: Do I buy the higher end item at greater cost up front, or do I go low-end and possibly have to replace it with the higher end product anyways. I have to weight this against the application. Nobody has asked me for a fog machine since I bought and used the Fog Storm 700 in 2002, and my first experience was a defective unit spitting burning-smelling fog. No worries, ADJ has replaced it under warranty, but I haven't even opened the replacement. I had to buy a second Fog Storm 700 because of another job, and then they flaked on me. While my first experience was negative, I just don't have the demand for it. Nobody has asked for ground fog, bubbles, snow or haze either.

The snow I am working on now has need for haze, fog, snow and ground fog. But, with very limited requirements(short times for all but the hazer), it doesn't exactly make sense just yet to buy big. I'm only getting the hazer NOT for the lighting look, but because it will give the shadowcast a "shot on film" look, which is what we, the production team/sponsors, are looking for.

I can get dry ice locally and cheap, but I don't want to fuss with it. I hear your argument for it, and it makes sense. My argument is "I need it for a short time and then it can go away. Movement messing it up might be a desired effect in this case".

Right now, I'm eyeing the HZ-300 for my hazer as I think that is the only logical solution that I can afford, will give the desired effect, works with water-based fluid and still have some funding left over. I'm debating an AMDJ Mr. Kool for ground fog due to pricing. Likewise, the AMDJ Snow Flurry for snow for price reasons.

I think the Ice-101 is too expensive for what I would need it for, but it's hard to ignore stuff with DMX. A Mr. Kool is so much cheaper and I can get a stage hand to run it for nothing. The only problem I have is with the "prime the area", as I may have to have an endless scene run for a length of time to fill up the area, then kick into the show sequences with MyDMX. I will have a MIDI controller for over-ride purposes.

I can get the Snow Flurry for way cheap, but again, I lack the DMX.

But now I'm way, way WAY over budget.

This is a problem I will have to deal with. I want the control, but I don't have the money. Well, that really depends on the dealer I will be buying from, how much can he help me out.

So, opinion, would my best bet be running the HZ-300, Ice-101 and the S-100II as these solutions? Again, outside the hazer, I only need these effects for 1-off uses per show(even including the producer's fogger), and I am trying to conserve power whenever possible by removing what doesn't need to be running.

The advise I'm getting is fantastic. Too bad I don't have a thick wallet. We'll see what I can do. I typically err on the side of better gear. This shadowcast thing is a big gamble and it's going to take me a while to recoup what I put into this, so I also have to thing about needs outside this shadowcast thing, which as I may have mentioned, would be monthly at best.