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Reply to "Hey Guys!!! I'm Back . . . again"

Hey John, James told me to tell about this. It is a quick story that I experience on tour.

Our lighting guy is 16 (yes they put a 15 and 16 year old in charge of all that equipment, scary huh?) He really isn't a lighting guy he just knows how to run the software. He really just wants to play in a band. Anyways for awhile I have been learning from him, but now it is different. Since I've been on these forums as well as the ADJ forums I have learned ALOT. Well at one of our shows we had the great privilege to use some Design LED 36's. The church had 32 of them. They said we could use as many as we wanted! I wanted to use them all but our light guy said no. Anyways, we were having some problems with them and in the process of trouble shooting I figured out what the problem was. I dont remember what is was right now because it was so simple but I told him the answer in a long drawn out way (as i do often) at the end he looked at me confused and said this (and i quote) "I actually have no idea what your talking about but I don't care, just go do it" I walked on stage fixed the lights and they worked perfectly. I am now "smarter" than our lighting guy, and as I said in my above post I may be RUNNING the ENTIRE show next summer. They will put all of that equipment in MY hands. I'm so excited.

Here is a list of what we have on tour:

6 - Design Spot 250's
20 - PAR64 Cans (with various gels)

That is all we own but we also use any lights that a church has and sometimes we rent some from the company that rents out the sound equipment for us called "Maxx Touring"


P.S. we use compuware 2006 2048FC for our wonderful console!

P.P.S. did i forget anything jingles lol!
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