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Reply to "HZ500 DMX OUT"

Thanks for your reply.

We are big fans of Antari and we have pretty much the whole range in our production hire inventory.

I just bought our first HZ500 a week ago.

We love the design of the case although 3pin would have been a nice addition and an opening to allow the date cables (not just the power cable) to escape the case, would also be good.

The output seems VERY low. I would say it is about 1/4 of the output of the Unique hazer (on its lowest setting).

Granted, it is a different type of haze... much finer but this hazer certainly doesnt have a 2,800 cu. ft. / min output as the web site states. 2,800 seems a huge claim for a hazer I would have thought.

Before I buy any more HZ500's I am tying to figure out whether we have bought a unit with a problem or whether this is indeed the output it is designed to have.

I installed a HZ400 into a venue a few years ago. I seem to recall it having at least twice the output of our HZ500.

Our old (failing) Le Maitre Pro Hazers also have much more output than the HZ500 and they are only rated for 230 cubic feet per HOUR (which seems extraordinarily little).

So who is the world's foremost authority on hazers? Do they participate in this forum?

Can anyone give me some point of reference against which I can gauge the output of this machine?

Thanks in advance!