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Reply to "Lighting Newbie"


Congrats on getting you accu spots working. now for the dimmer pack. This particular pack has 3 modes (as you already know) 1 channel, 2 channel, and 4 channel. Here is how they work:

1 Channel
This setting allows all the lights plugged into the pack to be turned on/off using one channel. Meaning that if you set your pack to 1 channel mode and the address is at A129, when you turn on that fader all the lights will come on.

2 Channel
This setting allows the four channels to be turned on using only 2 DMX channels. So basically, if you have this setting on, you have a 2 channel dimmer pack with 4 edison sockets on each channel. Keeping with you situation if you turn on channel 129 then channels 1 and 2 on your pack will turn on. if you turn on DMX channel 130 then channels 3 and 4 will turn on. So if you want to use this setting plug your other light into the channel 3 spot.

4 Channel
This setting acts like a regular dimmer pack. I would recommend you use this setting no matter how many lights are plugged in. If you turn on DMX Channel 129 then channel 1 will turn on. 130 will turn on channel 2, 131 - channel 3, and 132 - 4.

I hope this helps you!


yes your DMX partner will work with 2 american dj 250 spots but it will be limited to what you can do with it. good luck!

I hope this helps you!

wheew, long post!