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Reply to "Newbie looking for help/advice"

I will try out the compulive software thanks!

I would also like/need a dmx unit to control all of it though. Woould you recomend one for the movers and one for the wash lights or both in one unit?

How is this model : Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller? It seemed to have good reviews on other websites. Or is there one specifically that would best suite my needs.

I need one that would simply turn everything on and off at this point, and a dimmer would be nice (But I believe you purchase those seperate usually). The function that I am going to be doing does not have to be entirely complex, but eventually it would need to get better and better.

Truth be told this is exactly what I want to use the lights for at this point:

1) an intro with some kind of flashing efects going,(strobe like in a way) or lazers

2) wash lights on the singers, with movers doing odd gobos (nothing real fancy)

3) for slower songs... just the wash lights that are dimmed.

I might also use fog/bubbles throughout any of these depending on the mood

Nothing is really fancy and profesional at this point. Eventually I will use software to make advanced shows but right now it is unnecessary.

Is there a dmx box that could control all of this by pushing the buttons on it? These questions might seem silly and easy, but I have never dealt with any of this stuff and it is kinda overwhelming at first. Hopefully it will get easier as I get my hands dirty.

Thanks for any help