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Reply to "Profile Needed - American DJ Royal Sky LASER"

Again sorry about not seeing this right away. you can download the American DJ xml here:
do you know where to place the xml files for emulation to see this? Let me know.

Also a few notes about the royal sky laser profile. I made it a little differently than I usually do. I'll run through the programmer side parts and their functions for the light.
Beam: has zoom control full channel range from 0-255.
Position: has only the speed fader for the whole channel 0-255 for up and down movement and left and right. This is channel 4 on the laser.
Color fix: has the black out and green and blue buttons. The SCRL is for the blanking of the laser. That is just a fader from values 16-247.
gobo has all 20 patters and the Rot 1 is the rotation control channel for ch 5 on the laser.
That's it.
any questions let me know.