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Reply to "Riva 80"

Originally posted by jingles:
also what were you considering for a controller? i recommend Compu Live 1024EC. but that is just me. lol. sincerely,

Hey James -
Yes, considering laptop or desktop computer for each Church this time around for ease of programming.
Neither facility has ever used more than a light switch and a dimmer, so I hope by them NOT having experience, that the software is the easier route to go.

The church in the pic above wants key light/features on the pulpit mainly. Then they want to be able to feature the orchestra pit (drums,bass,guitar - keyboard,piano - choir)
Praise singers are just infront of the band.

For weddings I think the moving heads can be dimmed a bit and aimed down on the carpeted floor in front of the pulpit.

Other than those simple presets, they might want a gobo with a dove, cross, church logo, snowflake, etc from time to time.

(on the other hand, the pastor thinks he will host plays in this room from time to time and wants even more flex in the light show.)

So If budget allows, I may put 5 or 6 sets of those Riva 80 lights in over the stage and another 2 or 4 moving heads out front.
Gotta get the drop ceiling guys to build me 2 angled truss areas for hiding lights..