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Reply to "Scene Fade Suddenly Not Working"

All is working good.
I loaded your programming file.. it looks good.
all working great and looking as it should. Nice work.
I loaded Delux EVS and all the fixture positions loaded just as you set them on stage. Also.. looking very good.

1. I see your missing fades from scenes 1-25.
scenes 31-54 have fades and they all work good
then scenes 61-125 no fades again.
Are you asking why are some scenes missing fades?
Right click on the word "Master" right on the control window and you can select the scene-fade toolbar. activate this tool bar, click on the scene you need a fade and active the fade toolbar for that scene button by clicking on the check box.
You can tell which scenes are missing the fades by looking for the little check mark in the scene button.

2. 3D being 9MB. You loaded a lot of high resolution 3D people. Some 3D objects are bigger than others. The ones with colors take up much more memory than those that are grayed out.

Over all... your files look really good, and the programming is nice.

Best regards,