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SD3 Playbacks containing presets, selected fixtures question

Hello forum.  My rock & roll venue system is 4 identical RGB fixtures (Opti RGB) with a SD3 console.  7 DMX channels per fixture.

I'd like to have the Flex Faders control all 4 fixtures together, for a common "color scene" that I can change easily.  Done already; just select all 4 Fixtures, and their 7 DMX channels appear automatically together on Flex Faders 1~7.

Next I would like to have 4 separate Playback masters (in HTP mode!?) bring up "white" (R, G, B) for each respective fixture, e.g. for solo spotlighting.

I thought I could do this with 4 Presets, but when I record a preset to a Playback Master, it always seems to select ALL 4 FIXTURES, rather than each one separately.  How can I keep each Playback Master to control just one fixture?

Or is there a better way to implement what I'm trying to achieve?

Thank you!


Best regards and aloha, George.

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