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Reply to "SD3 Playbacks containing presets, selected fixtures question"

Thanks SDMAN.  I just tried using Scenes instead of Presets, but Scenes seem to have a few different problems:

  1. Scenes sometimes want to cancel each other when turning them on.  (Does anyone know why this is?)  This makes it hard to turn on multiple scenes simultaneously.
  2. When a scene fades out, it fades its channels down to zero, rather than letting them stay at their "color scene".

I thought "HTP" would allow the highest value to control the channel, but apparently it means a controller will take exclusive control of the channel as soon as it goes higher than the current channel value.  Is this correct?

Is there a way to have two scenes of the same channels mix together, taking the highest value from either scene--and the scenes may go up and down independently?

Again, my goal is to have 1) a "(dark) color scene" for all 4 RGB fixtures together, and then 2) 4 "spot faders" to bring up a white (or white-ish) scene on just one fixture at a time.  When the spot faders go down, then the color scene should keep the channels at that color scene level, rather than taking that fixture down to black.

Maybe I need to program some RGB channels as conventional dimmers?

Thank you!

Best regards and aloha, George.

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