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Stage setter 8 & DMX LED panels

I have & have been using the Stage Setter 8, never a problem. But It is now time to do away with dimmer packs and move onto LED fixtures. I just purchased 2 Color Palette fixtures by Chavet. I set the start channel on the fixture (For simplicity) to channel 1. On the Stage Setter 8, channel 1,2 &3 work as they should. But when I set channel one to 70 on the controller, it should put the fixture in 6 channel mode. The first 3 channels work as they should in 6 channel mode, but channels 4,5 &6 should just turn on a single color, but do nothing.????

Now, is it possible since I'm NOT using actual DMX cables, I'm sending faulty signal? I have removed the bond to the outer casing on regular Mic cables, still the same thing.

All I want to do is be able to set R-G-B to full on. Simple what I want to do in 6 channel mode. It is really wonderful all the built in chases in the fixtures, but really, all I want to do is use basic color (R-G-B) for front stage lighting.

I'm just tired of moving cans around all the time and worrying about power loads.. For now, I just need to get basic color on stage on the fronts.


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