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Reply to "Stage Setter 8 help! asap!"


I set the proper addresss for the second dimmer pack, and now that is functioning properly...

kind of..

The original problem remains- my lights are not being controlled by the Stage Setter. Well, that's not totally true. Blackout and full on work, but the dimming abilities and singling out a light channel does NOT work. I don't know how to reset this board. Is there a combination of keys to hit or something? Do I have to open it up and do something?

The most bizarre thing is still the fact that I can unplug the Stage Setter completely and the lights will still be on.

The lights are plugged in the packs properly. The packs themselves are addressed properly and are sending the signal to the board (well, maybe not, since they're not dimming). And the board is reacting to my ham-fisted fade up fade down techniques. It senses the fading up and down, yet there is no reaction, or no signal sent out to the dimmer packs. So it seems to me that there is some communication problem between the packs and the console.

I don't know.

But the good news is that the final dress is today, not the actual show. So I've bought 24 more hours, and I would appreciate any further assistance.

Thanks so much all!!