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Reply to "What are some other uses for moving heads at weddings?"

I definitely know how important lighting is to a wedding...however it's hard to sell a mom on some lights on a band. However, I have found it easier to sell the mood of a room, their name on a gobo, a spotlight on the first dance, uplighting the backdrop or rear wall the same color as the bridesmaid dresses...this is the stuff that makes sense to the purchasers. However, I want the lights for the show!

On a side note...I went to demo a design wash 250, and design spot 250 today. If found out two things.

1. I don't have enough AC for 8 lights and , can only afford 6 movers as far as the AC bank goes. (I know I can get a PD but most of the places I play don't want to pay for electricians and really don't want them tapping into their boxes which are usually in places where people will see them).

2. I love CMY! It just has a great look so it looks like I might go with four Design Spot 300's and two design wash 300's...or maybe just 6 design spot 300's. I'm thinking four on the rear truss and two on down stage corner washing in on the front line of girls.

I have attached a pic that a shows a typical looking stage for me. This is a 16' x 24' stage with some pipe and drape. The red is from 6 DLED 36's the yellow is from four S4's with Apollo Color scrollers that do a general wash of the stage. I also have one S4 on each side that washes the girls for color. I like the clean look behind us but I could use some eye candy.


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