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Reply to "Wireless DMX problem"

Ok, I'm assuming you are using the Elation W-DMX products (since your posting in the Elation forums!) The manual is kinda confusing but I think I may have worked it out. Here is the excerpt from the manual that I read and this is where I came up with this fix. Tell me if you have already tried it:


3. Setup the wireless system:
1) Connect the transmitter with the DMX controller
2) To make the fixture installed with wireless receiver log in to the transmitter
a) Initially, the indicator on the receiver fixture should be in Solid red
b) Press and hold the configuration button on transmitter for less than 3 seconds the red/green LEDs on the transmitter and the receiver fixture will flash rapidly for about 5~ 10 seconds while the system goes through its setup procedure.
c) Once the receiver is logged in to the transmitter ( T1), the receiver will keep the memory, even if restart the power, this unit will log in the transmitter(T1) automatically.
3) Use the DMX 512 to control the fixture

So what this tells me (very vaguely) is that to fix it, you may need to do something to your transmitter. Since your receiver is showing solid red, that should mean it is "free" According to the manual, you should press and hold the function button on the transmitter for less than 3 seconds (until the LED flashes red/green.) Then go and check to see if the receiver is flashing red/green as well. This should log the receiver to the transmitter and it should work fine. I know the manual says that after you do this once it should stay in memory and you won't have to do it again, but things happen.

So try that and tell me what you get. I hope this helps!!!