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Reply to "Wireless DMX problem"

I had an issue with the our Elation WDMX . We was doing a tent job and had 4 receivers in the air . We had issues getting all receivers to work . It intermittent and random . Sometimes it
worked then it would not . We ended up running DMX cable .
Back at the shop we determined the problem was specific to the Leprecon LP624 we had used . The WDMX worked fine with 2 NSI , 2 Lightronics , and 2 ETC boards . I love wireless !

I found some interference with HME wireless itercom on a Cigna gig . It put random (2-5 per minute) clicks or pops in the headsets we were all using . The WDMX ran our lights just fine though . We've had no problems with ClearCom wireless .

I also found interference with a wireless video feed from a remote camera at a university event . After I was up and running the video feed was turned on and had static bars on their wireless feed . They ended up not using it . After the show I went to their monitor while my guy shut down our transmitter and their screen cleared up instantly . We tried turning our tranmitter back on and it wouldn't sync until we shut down the wireless video feed .

At the Mohegan Sun Casino we were told we couldn't use WDMX as it interferes with their cash registers . We asked how their registers were running and they said fine . We then told them our Elation WDMX had been on for more than an hour . They wanted to know all about it .

Anybody know if the upcoming auction of airway frequencies will affect us ?

Maybe SerraAva will chime in on all this .