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LightJockey Future

JackMarone ·
DonĀ“t forget LightJockey... LightJockey is the best DMX control software for Clubs and TimeCoded Shows i have used. And there is no alternative. All other DMX control software have the base layout like a Light console for Live use. LightJockey is different. I use LightJockey for the CueList, where i easily can program lights to video or audio tracks. LightJockey deserves future updates, a Mac version, unlock the stupid 100 fixture limit, change the preset limit from 100 to more, Change the...

Re: LightJockey Future

sonevil ·
agreed, and please add this on next update; - More sequence in one cue - More statics slots - More function at keyboard shortcut Basically I'm a keyboard mouse user and very often to followspoting with mouse. Touch panel isn't helpful without touch screen.