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Re: KL Fresnel 6 Reset.

Zach.S ·
We do not have updates for the unit. Please feel free to contact me at so I can run you through some troubleshooting, if you have not already taken care of this.

KL Fresnel 6 Reset.

ECSlighting ·
I just purchased a handful of KL6 and KL8 fixtures. They've been great for the last week but we just had one completely freeze at full on us. We've taken it down for testing and it doesn't respond to DMX or manual control. It can be seen through RDM and we can use the menu on the side just fine but the light just sits at full intensity. The other 20 we have are just fine. Is there a way to globally reset the fixture? Does it need a firmware update? Or is this our first (and hopefully last) RMA?

KL Series Firmware

elationservice ·
Uploader Tool needed: C-Loader KL4 Fresnel Firmware 1.09 KL6 Fresnel Firmware V1.10 KL8 Fresnel Firmware V1.10 KL Panel Firmware V1.06 What's New in KL Panel V1.06 Firmware: *Screen delay timing bug solved. *Efly in dmx out' mode, does not connect to wired dmx now. *Art-Net RDM functionality works the same as DMX RDM now. *Led dims up slowly now after a power cycle. *6ch mode flickering output solved when dimmed with master fader from 100-50% *RDM timing bug solved. You should not attempt...