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Re: NX4 control surface question

Zach.S ·
Hey @Ryker-HAV , This would be better question for the Obsidian Forum.

RE: Cyber Pack Help

TeacherX ·
Help! I just purchased four Cyber Pack 20a dimmers and can't understand the user manual at all! (what is a "note number"?) I am familiar with DMX and have used many different types of dimmers, but the documentation for this product leaves much to be desired. I'm wondering if anyone has seen more thorough documentation online that I can access. I'm trying to configure the units to work sequentially so the first pack is DMX 1-4, the next is 5-8, etc. What is the correct menu/button sequence to...

NX4 control surface question

Ryker-HAV ·
We just received our companies NX4 console and I’ve pretty much figured out where everything is and what everything does except for 5 buttons. I’ve looked in the help manual and online but can’t seem to figure out what they do. Any ideas?