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Need profile please!!!

ryanhermproductions ·
I just ordered some new lights but can't find a profile that works. Any help would be AMAZING!!!!! Info below 36X5W 180W LED MOVING HEAD WASH LIGHT Channel Function 1 Pan 2 Tilt 3 Pan/Tilt speed 4 Dimmer 5 Red 6 Green 7 Blue 8 White 9 Strobe 10 Color Change 11 Mixed Color 12 Auto Mixed Color 13 Pan Fine 14 Tilt Fine 15 Reset Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Transferring a user profile from one computer to the next does not work!

barnelby ·
Hey guys, frustrating problem here... My friend and put a lot of work into a show profile on his computer, a 15 inch macbook, but it is no longer available to use for my shows... so I have tried to put the .xml file on my computer (a 13 inch macbook), and while it opens up just fine none of the programs work! I can still control my lights and program new stuff but I can't use any of the chases/cuelists we made on his! When I play something one of the chases, the numbers corresponding to the...

e spot led vs e spot led II

ljraph ·
Hi everyone Does anybody know the exact differences between V1 and V2? The led seems to be higher power 45W vs 60W, any other differences? Does anybody know if an upgrade kit will become available for V1? thank you Best regards Raphael

Scene Setter 24 Moron

moviepastor ·
I am a complete moron on the scene setter 24. I understand DMX addressing. I have a 4 channel dimmer at DMX1 I have another one at DMX5 I want sliders 1-4 to control the intensity of the first 4 lights Slider 508 the second set. I have a stage ape ape coaster at channel 13. I want 13-18 to control it. Right now I have no control of any light (it was working yesterday but I think I accidentally hosed something) I want to assign flash 1 and slider 1 to DMX1, flash 2, slider 2 to DMX2 etc... I...

mini wash chinese

inversion ·
Hi I have a few Chinese made Mini Wash's that I need a profile for they are 8 and 13 channel. 1. pan 2. pan fine 3. tilt 4. tilt fine 5 pan/tilt speed 6. dimmer and strobe 0-7 blank 8-134 dimmer 135-239 strobe from 0hz to 40hz 240-255 open 7. red 8. green 9. blue 10 white 11.color 0-7 blank 8-21 white 22-34 red 35-49 dark green 50-63 dark blue 64-77 light blue 78-91 magenta 92-105 yellow 11. 106-119 purple 120-134 orange 135-147 light green 148-161 pink 162-175 brown 176-189 gold 190-203...

iPhone Remote

grandillusionsdecorating ·
I'm having issues connecting with the iPhone Rigger's Remote since updating to the new build. I've tried multiple wifi networks and multiple ports, nothing seems to work. Here are my specs: rMBP 13" Late 2013 OS X 10.11.3 iPhone 6S iOS 9.2.1 Emulation 1.3.94

Rayzor Q7 & Q12 Zoom Fixture Firmware.

elationservice ·
Uses E-Loader uploader tool. Rayzor Q12 Zoom V1.1.6 Fixture Firmware What's new in V1.1.6: Enhanced Zoom calibration on the fixture menu display and added ability to do fixture reset on DC display power (battery powered) Rayzor Q7 V1.2.3 Fixture Firmware What's new: Fixed a slow movement bug in the software. You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your...

Profile needed please

dj-luis ·
I got Compu pro 04 (Compu Live) and I need help with profile for some of my lights. I got Chinese made Beam Spot 280W. It runs on 16 and 24 channels . If you need the manual how can I send it to you ? Thanks in advance . 1-Pan 2-Tilt 3-Speed 4-Lamp on 130.139 5-Colors 6-Nothing 7-Gobos 8-Rotacion Color wheel 9-Rotation Gobo Wheel. Fine set up 10-Prism 11-Rotacion Prism . Fine set up 12-Frost 65.255 Cierra el open gobo 13-Zoom 14-Focus 15-Strobe 16-Dimmer.

Satura Series Fixture Firmware

elationservice ·
Uses E-Loader uploader tool. Satura Profile Firmware V1.0.10 You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If you do not see your fixture listed, please contact

Graphics on easyshow video timeline

franco ·
Can anyone tell me an "economical" way to play static graphics on the Easy Show video Timeline? About 13 of my show is action video in AVI format... but the rest is just artwork or titles that I have been rendering as AVI files cut to the exact space length that they need to fit. My show is 80 minutes long so once I ge all the files lined up as AVI's.. the program starts to lag, which I beleive is due to the huge size of the AVI's. The graphic art is nothing more that a small jpeg stretched...

Mega-Lite SSL files

weid ·
So I'm new to this SW but was wondering if there was a place to find the SSL files for some lights that aren't listed in the list. In particular I was looking for the following Mega-Lite N-E Color Strip LED (13 channels) Mega-Lite N-E Color Par LED (4 Channels) Thanks John

hiii friends need help urgent

john ·
i am bit new with SD3 and i run it to control laser and now i have new moving head laser which is custom made and i dont have the profile for it if any one can make it for me will be helpfulll 1 shutter 2 program 3 rotation 4 x/y 5 y/x 6 x/y/z 7 z/x/y 8 speed 9 Strabo 10 tilt 11 pan 12 blank 13 color RGY thanks in adavnce John

Can you identify this fixture?

len ·
Worked with a house rig recently. Couldn't identify one set of fixtures. The house LD said they were DS 575. He was running them off LightFactory or something and the personality he was using only had 16 channels. I didn't get a chance to run the lift up and figure out what they were but my personality for a DS 575 has 24 channels. I don't know much about them, except that Channels 1 - 4 are pan and tilt. 5 is the color wheel 6 is a gobo wheel 7 is gobo rotation 8 is the other gobo wheel 9...

Need Help - Scene Setter 48

markus ·
Hello All, I really need any expert advice, so please chime in no matter how remote the solution might seem. I'm a relatively newbie and am caring for a SS48 in our youth group sanctuary. We have 4 dimmer packs (for conventional lights) and multiple ColorKey LED Par 64 cans. To give you some reference. This is a our setup: Channels Controls 1-4 Set of 6 LED PAR cans (Channel 1) 5-8 DimPak: 8 conventional cans (2/Ch) 9-12 DimPak: 8 conventional cans (2/Ch) 13-16 DimPak: 8 conventional cans...

another noob question.....

rick03038 ·
Jingles, thanks for sending me that pdf file on the basics of dmx but now I have another question. I followed the directions in having the first DP-415 dimmer pak being channel 1 and the second DP-415 dimmer pak being channel 5. When I bring up faders 1 - 4 on buss A, the first 4 lights come on like I expect them to. But in order to get the other 4 lights to come on I have to bring up faders 16 - 19 on buss B. I looked through the manual and I probebly missed it somewhere but how do I get...

Operator 192 questions newbie...

stringace ·
I recently just started this lighting stuff and got confused real quick... So I started off by setting up the lights then carefully trying to set the right channels 1st lights are chauvet minwash and set them at channel 1 with the 13 channel option,they are 3 of them and all set to the same channel 1 2nd set of lights were the chauvet colorstrips and they were set on channel 14,they are 4 off them and they were set with the first one as a master and the rest as slave lights 3rd set was 2 led...

Stage Desk-16 switching Patterns problem

psb ·
Hi, I just have bought Stage Desk-16 and programmed 13 patterns. Each pattern was assigned (programmed into) to the separate pattern button. Pattern 1 was assigned to pattern button #1, patern 2 assigned to patern button #2, etc. Everything works great UNTIL I want to change the pattern #8 to pattern #9. When I push pattern button #9 (after playing pattern #8) the both patterns button's LEDs lit and perform together. Is there any way to switch from pattern #8 to pattern #9 so when pattern #9...

Trackspot profiles

italiatib2k3 ·
Is there an updated profile for High End's Trackspots? V1 somewhat works, but V2 does not. (I use the 2006 version of Compuware with the blue interface). With the V1 profile, the Color and Gobo features are all screwed up. For example, Gobo #2, 3, 4, and 5 are all color scrolls, albeit different speeds. Same deal with Color. There's also about 6 or 7 different strobes--which turns out to be different flash rates. Why not just use a single strobe icon with an adjustment slider?

chauvet 4-bar profile

dunn ·
I just tried using the chauvet 4 bar profile in the latest compu realease. the profile has only 13 channels and according to the manual im looking at now, they are 15 channels. is there another profile that i am just not seeing?

IMG Stage Line

nico ·
Hello, i need some IMG Stage Line Setups. IMG Stage Line Color-150 Ch. 1 Colour DMX value - Colour/function 0 - 15 - no light 16 - 31 - White 32 - 47 - red 48 - 63 - yellow 64 - 79 - blue 80 - 95 - green 96 - 111 - amber 112 - 127 - Orange 128 - 143 - light-green 144 - 159 - light-blue 160 - 175 - magenta 176 - 191 - pink 192 - 223 - Continuous change of Colours (rainbow effect) from slow to fast 224 - 255 - Strobe effect from slow to fast _______________________________________ IMG Stage...

Profile for ADJ Quad Phase

supersoundsdjs ·
I am finding the profile for the American DJ Quad Phase light in the online database but I can't download it, is there a direct link to it I can try? I am using elation compu live with the Dec 13, 2010 update installed.

1024 EC Update?

jerry ·
Using 1024ec is there a Dec 13, 2010 update that exist?

Help me select console for lights.

efterblifven ·
Hey all! Im in a need for assistance pickin the right board. Ive been lookin around for brands/models for a while, reading them manuals but not quite got full info. My example setup is following; 12 PAR LED 64 (8 front, 12 back). Also having 4 moving heads in the back (same channel, 1 pair tilted). Mostly runnin on rock-stages. i want to have front lights dimmed/always on, with an option to use slider for less/more dimming while live). Id like at least 8-12 bump/flash buttons to have some...

Profile for ADJ X-Color LED Plus

eightmenmedia ·
Hello, I just purchased an American DJ x-Color LED plus and I need a profile for elation compu live with the Dec 13, 2010 update installed. Thank you very much. -John @ Eight Men Media

Combining Scenes in the Scene Setter 24

wendyd ·
Hello! I'm new to lighting and only learning it in a volunteer capacity but I looked through the manual and couldn't find a way to do this so I thought I'd try here: Our setup in case it matters: We have a Scene Setter 24. We have white can lights on 4 dimmer packs (9 cans, channels 1-9) and some DMX lights (right now 4 DMX lights taking 4 channels, 2 on 15-18 and 2 on 19-22. This will soon be replaced by all 4 of those being on channels 21-24 and new lighting that takes 7 channels being on...

Scene Setter: Customizing slider output

johnhrv ·
Sergio, I have an Scene Setter 24 ch connected by DMX to two ETC Smartpack wall mounted dimmer panels. SS24 outputs 1-12 go to 1st panel with 12 dimmers and outputs 13-18 to second panel with 6 dimmers. The SS24 outputs are in sequence but actual light wiring to dimmers is mixed. How can I assign sliders to match the phisical light configuration (as suggested in your remarks)? Or do I need to rewire the dimmer panels to match SS24 sliders? Johnhrv

Magic 260 Midi Implementation

hobson ·
As anyone who tries to use the midi features of the Magic 260 will quickly learn, the manual says almost nothing about how to do it. For example, one of the MENU options in the Magic 260 is "Set Midi Channel." When that option is selceted, you are give the option to set both the Midi Channel and the "Extra Channels." The manual says nothing about either of these. Additionally, the Midi Implemtation Chart in the manual leads one to believe that the Magic 260 responds to signals on every...

Design Spot 250 issues

itlightsup ·
Hello I just got a 4 used ds250 that seemed to be a lost cause. Got them for well under retail value, and have been pleasantly surprised that most of the fixtures have relatively minor problems that I was able to fix through use of the manual and a few troubleshooting techniques. However I have found that one of the remaining fixtures had the pan belt snap, and I am not really willing to just trial and error the disassembly process; is there a schematic diagram available online to get me...

Help w/ Profiles

illuminati ·
Hi, I have asked the company (ADJ in this case) and they have always just made me profiles rather than explain, here are some on going problems I have. 1 I use jamstar elites as cans, they have CH 1 as strobe, dimmer, scroll, etc. When I first made profiles they dimmed a bit then off, the profile I made is gone, the one from ADJ just works on/off on the dimmer, but will disrupt strobe, so can tell its still effecting ch 1, but not dimming. Should I maybe assign dim to RGB and dim those chs,...

Design Brick 70 II

wbrown ·
Just received our order of the new Design Brick 70 II. The DMX modes in the manual don't match the modes on the fixture. Through trial and error I've figured out: Color control - 5 CH MODE (DEFAULT) Color prog - 8 CH MODE Color_Saturation Hue Intensity CT - 4 CH MODE Color prog. Hue Saturation CT - 11 CH MODE Group Control - 35 CH MODE My questions, What is Pixel Grouping, and how does it work? I have a remote that we bought with our Design Bricks v1, will they work with the II (v2)? Thanks

Design Spot 250 multiple errors

coontasch ·
One of my original design spot 250's will run fine for a few minutes then starts having issues. It appears that the first thing to crap out is the shutter then everything but the pan and tilt. I can reset the fixture and everything will function again but only for a few minutes before the same errors occur. Eventually resetting the fixture does nothing and i get the following errors: 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 13. Any suggestions?

DMX512 question

matrix1999 ·
What happen when I have more than 32 lights. Do I just need a DMX splitter? Is that what mulit universes are for? Sorry for all the questions. I just started this last week and I am lost. We are adding lights to our sanctuary and I am on a deadline. I thinks we have about 43 lights all together. 13 slimpar pro tri / 10 rocklite RGBAW / 16 Chauvet COLORband RGB / 4 Elliipsoidals on dimmerpacks. I have been reading where DMX supports 512 channels and 32 fixtures. With Compu 2006 what do I need...

Addressing Dimmers

bigdogrocks ·
Hi, I am using Elation, most recent build. I have some generic dimmer packs that I need to patch. I understand how to add and patch, but the issue I run into is that the lights are not sequentially plugged into the dimmers. For instance, I would like to add a 6 channel dimmer pack, and patch the following dimmers to it: 1,3,4,5,6,7 Also, I have another 7 channel dimmer pack added that should be dimmers 13, 14,25,32,33,35,36 So my question is how to do it? Is this possible? Any help would be ...

Fixture for Phantom 50 LED Spot

offen93 ·
Hello, I´m new on this Forom and come from Germany! I need a fixture for the Movinghead -Showtec Phantom 250 Spot-. Here is the DMX Protocol: (page 17-19) I work in the 8 and 13 Channel Modos! Can sombodey help me?? Thank you

Focus Spot 250r and Elation Emulation Problem

djjohnnythegreek ·
I am running Elation Emulation on my Apple 13 inch Macbook Pro Ver 10.7.3, Processor 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. I have 2 Elation Focus Spot 250R. My problem is when I attempt to create a scene/program and play it back, it does not play the full movement of the scene. Only when I disable chase and manually play each movement it plays the scene completely. Also I do not have pictures of the gobos within the program. Can someone please help. Is their a specific setting that I must enable on the...

Elation Professional Product Spotlight

Jingles8302 ·
This is the first in a series of product spotlights we will be doing on the forums. This first product Spotlight is on the Design Wash LED 60. The Design Wash LED 60 is a small, compact, lightweight moving head Wash. It is smaller, brighter, and faster than a traditional 250watt moving head wash. It features a 15 degree lens with a 9 degree beam angle. It has a 16 bit pan and tilt motors with a user selectable 630 or 540 pan degree rotation and a 265 tilt angle. The LED's are Flicker free...


x-laser ·
Hey all - Like the package a lot. However, as I have been playing around trying different things I have gotten several incidents of crashing. I will post them here as they occur. I am on Mac 10.6.5 using Emulation V. 1.03.15. I don't know how much you need so I just copied like half of it and if I should do less just let me know. Process: Emulation [5314] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com.VisualProductions.Emulation Version: Emulation version 1.03.15...

Fixture Profiles needed

djgmg ·
Hi, As just unpacked my Magic 260, I need the following profiles to get my show started: Showtec Micro Spot LED Moving Head (13 channels) Showtec LED Par 36 Stairville Strobe 200 DMX strobe Stairville LED PAR 36 American DJ Sunray TriLed DMX American DJ Starball LED DMX They don't seem to be included (correct me if i'm wrong).

problems with chauvet mini

dias ·
Hi guys, I just install 4 Chauvet Mini spot and I am having some problems with the programming. I used my scan library to set up the fixtures but noticed that compuware does not have the 6/14channels model listed...instead they have the 5/13 channel. Could this be the reason for the problems I am experiencing. The lights responds only to the color change and movements, but not to the gobo change. Is there a profile I could download for the 6/14 channel Chauvet mini?

Easy Step Editor

sbc ·
I am recording an 18 step scene via the Easy Step editor. I got to the 18th channel with only 17 steps. Obviously I missed a channel somewhere. Basically I need to insert a new Step 13. Even if the cursor is on Step 12, when I click NEW STEP, it puts the new step at the end. How do you insert a step?

Chauvet Colorado Batten 72 tour

proformance ·
I am trying to patch in our Colorado Batten 72 tours. I updated the software and found the profile "Colorado....n 72 tour" I have patched that in using the 13 channel Tour setting. Everything works great except in the color mixing screen the Amber and White are reversed. Any suggestions?

DMX Operator 192 Question

chrisdmx ·
Hi everybody! Is it possible to assign a specific channel of a fixture to any of the 8 available faders? For example, I have a fixture with 13 channels but I only need channels 5,6,10,11 and 12. Can I assign these channels to faders 1-5 ? One week before I have "upgraded" from a 20 Euros cheaper dmx controller "MCcrypt" to the Elation dmx operator 192. With the first controller it was possible, unfortunately no 16bit support. Please help! Thank you in advance Chris :-)

Scene Setter scenes

jimmol ·
Can you set one scene per slider 13-24 and use those sliders to select the scene? Sorry for the basic question, but the manual of the Scene setter is lacking. I have been using a Stage Setter in the 12x12 mode and have run up against the limit of only being able to use sliders 1-12 to set up scenes I have 16 lights I would like on each of their own channels for the most flexibility. A post said that you can use slides 1-24 of the Scene Setter to set up a scene and I have confirmed that in...

New Profile for Intimidator Spot 250

grego1169 ·
Hello, the profile from elation for the Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 is an incorrect profile for the SD2, the 9/10 channels are out of order and maybe a few others as well. An updated profile would be greatly appreciated. (13 channel mode)

James Thomas Profile

d-lights28a ·
Jingles, Looking for a profile for an 11 channel James Thomas Pixal Par 44. Its the 11 channel 4+E option on the channel assignments part of the pdf. Need it for tonight if possible... Thanks, D

Profiles for movinghead / scanner

patrick159 ·
Hello, I'am trying to make the profiles for my magic 260. I understand how I can make steps, but my movinghead and scanner have 1 channel for strobe and shutter and I don't know how to make that...... Can someone help me or make the profiles for me? Beamz movinghead (13 ch) manual: Showtec scanner (5 ch) manual: Sincerely, Patrick

Magic 260 Profile Problems

kane ·
Hi All, I've got a bit of a problem with a profile I put together for a Magic 260 I'm working on. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm just pushing my luck with the limits of the board. I'm attempting to use a profile that I build for a MicrOH Max Par led fixture but what I'm trying is to have 4 of these fixtures set up as a single fixture on the console with independent control. Basically, each lamp is 4 channels dmx so what I've done is create a profile that has 16 channels...

Magic 260 Problems

kane ·
Hi All, I've been having some problems with my Magic 260. 1) Somehow every day or so the fixture set up and profiles seem to get corrupted. All of the sudden the fixture name becomes some kind of sideways lettering and I no longer have control of the lamp on that fixture and when the fixture is changed back to the proper profile the patch number is off as well. This seems to happen all of the sudden. I also have been running into the problem where if something is off when I select fixture 3...

China 301's

d-lights28a ·
Jingles, Ran into this knock off Martin Mac 301 style fixture and need a profile made. Here are the channel assignments: (15 channels) 1- Pan 2- Tilt 3- Pan Fine 4- Tilt Fine 5- Pan/Tilt Speed 6- Strobe 7- Dimmer 8- Red 9- Green 10-Blue 11-White 12-Color Macro 13-Reset 14-Pan/Tilt Mode? 15-Focus Thanks you!

Mixing scenes from different pages

markybo1 ·
Elation scene setter newbie. Using for church service lighting, and only using scenes with no chases. I am going to be running mostly par cans and have two 4 channel dimmers and they are set to Channels 1 to 8. All fine and dandy. But... I also have some LEDs for architectural lighting and wall washes. A pair of LEDS has 7 channels!!. I am trying to make this easy to use for non-tech users by having a set of scenes for each situation. However, when I want to mix a scene from page one with a...