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hey guys..

two questions...

#1. is there any way to keep the design spot from losing color and gobo info when you change shapes during live play in compuware?

If I'm DJing, and change shapes from say figure 8 to spiral, the gobos reset to open, and the color back to white... Didn't know if this was just the light, or if it's something to do with the compuware fixture file...

#2.) I frequently use my design spots on top of vertical trussing, and while they look nicer than my accu scans do aesthetics wise, they are usually pointing in the wrong direction, everywhere but the dance floor.

I know how to set up buttons and create fades and all that, but every venue is different, so I just usually control my lights on the fly so I don't have to program the new dance floor.

anyhow, what I was wondering was how would I limit the range of motion to the dance floor only? I've tried playing with the constraints in the edit window, but the moving heads just seem to have a different agenda than the scanners, and don't want to play nice. I'm going to set the lights to 540 or whatever, because they're on 600 right now, that should keep them more in sync, but I'm just pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to keep my light on the dance floor. I basically want them to have the range of motion a scanner would have.

Thanks guys!
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