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I have run into a stubbling block with the programming of a small moving head light.

The problem is that when I clear it, it defaults to the white (led) channel 4 at 255 rather than black (led) channel 4 at 0.

What I want is for the light to be off when it is not being used rather than a default on as described.

Any tips or tricks would be helpful.

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I programmed it myself using a moving head profile. Please let me know where I might have gone wrong as I like being able to write my own programs - just need to get a little better at it right now.

Manual is in documents section at bottom:

0-100 DMX Mode
101-200 Auto Mode
201-200 Sound Mode

CH2: X axis 0-255 (0-350 deg)
CH3: Y axis 0-255 (0-260 deg)

0-10 Blackout
11-40 Red
41-70 Green
71-100 Blue
101-140 Red & Green
141-180 Green & Blue
181-220 Red & Blue
221-255 Red, Green, & Blue

0-15 No Strobe Effect
16-255 Strobe speed adj slow to fast


Jaime, my apologies about the delay in response. Yes I remember seeing this fixture before. It is quite weird. I had to modify a profile for another customer who has the same ones. He said he had to block the fixtures as a 14 channel fixture. Very strange. would you like some online screen sharing training on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week? I'd be more than happy to give you a tutorial or just help you sort out this profile. Let me know. Again sorry for the long gap in response.

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