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Dear Friends,

I am attempting to integrate a July 05 version of the Show Designer One to work with (4) Martin 812 Roboscans (Vector Mode/7 Chn). The manual indicates that I need a polarity reversing cable to use a non-Martin controller with the Roboscans. My question is:
Does the polarity switch on the back of the SD1 negate the need for a polarity reversing cable? ...if so what would the correct setting be for the Martin's??
If the polarity reverse switch were actuated, would I need a polarity reversing cable to add any add fixtures that would NOT need a polarity reversing cable?

Also, has the fixture definitions for Martin 812's been eliminated from newer versions of the Show Designer Series? They were there & now they are not...

If you can clear this up for me...I would be grateful!

Kindly yours,
J.S. Leslie
Light Jockey - Martha's Vinyard, Springfield MO
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As far as I can remember, the polarity switch should take the place of the polarity reversing cable to get the Robos to listen. However, other fixtures in the chain would then need to have a reversed polarity cable to 'un-reverse' the signal.

You'll just need to do some creative lighting plot design and daisy-chaining to get 'regular' and 'reversed' polarity to work in the same show. You will just need to daisy-chain all the Robos together and then put the reversing cable in between the chain of Robos and other fixtures.

As for setting the Robos up, there is probably a dip switch setting that indicates Martin Protocol vs DMX control.
If you look at the showdesigner you have a picture of the pin with a half circle around it.. then a +2 on one side and a -1 on the other.. or something like that.
Check out the Robo scan manual and make them match.
I think since the Robo scan is old, they only put current fixtures on the SD1.
You can use the modify fixture option to recreate a 7 chn. fixture and name it ROBO SCAN.

Bset regards,
Dear John Lopez,

Will the 48 factory chases (and factory presets) work with the Martin 812's if I use the 812 definitions that are already in the fixture library? (remember this unit was sold in 2005 which DID include the Martin 812's fixture definitions) - OR - would it be better for me to use the "MODIFY FIXTURE" feature to modify the definitions of a ADJ or Elation fixture that does include FACTORY PRESETS? Just curious!

Thanks again!

John S. Leslie Jr.
Lighting Designer - Martha's Vinyard, Springfield, MO.
Now you have me confused.. if it has the 812 in the library, then use the 812.

But if it doesn't then use the 32 DMX channel fixture on modify it.
You can change the name, and assign the pan, tilt, and blackout and assign which channels you want to allow fade to and which ones you don't..
Once you assign the pan and tilt channels then the presets and knob or joystick will work.

Best regards,

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