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I am using Elation, most recent build. I have some generic dimmer packs that I need to patch. I understand how to add and patch, but the issue I run into is that the lights are not sequentially plugged into the dimmers.

For instance, I would like to add a 6 channel dimmer pack, and patch the following dimmers to it: 1,3,4,5,6,7

Also, I have another 7 channel dimmer pack added that should be dimmers 13, 14,25,32,33,35,36

So my question is how to do it? Is this possible?

Any help would be great.
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Hi, my apologies for the huge delay.

It sounds like you will have to manually patch in single channel dimmers for those not in consecutive order. For the ones in order you can patch normally. The single channel dimmer might auto patch to an address that is free. So just go to the patch list window (usually click "patch" one or twice) and then double click the address and re assign it.
Make sense?
Take a look at my Screen shot.


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