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i just bought 2 adj mega pixels today and im trying to custom program them. they are both set to dmx channel 33 is the a way to make one of the 2 bars strobe a color or even white while the other bar is run just basic colors i have it set to ?

also when i custom build a run program i can only choose dimmer or fader how do i get it to do both

thank you for the help
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ok i changed the channels to 2 different ones . but dose that mean i have to set up 2 different pages and if so then i can make both bars do the same thing at the same time right ?

and yes im using compu live and im using the profile " mega bar 7 channel " is that the right one ?

should i check the box that sayes matrix ?

sorry for so many questions
What you need to do is create a new page. Select the profile, where it says starting address enter in the 1st fixtures address and then where it says number of fixture type in "2". That will give you one page but access to both fixtures. Mega bar 7 channels is ok. if you want more control go for a higher channel layout like 10 or 11 or something. i am not sure of all the addressing modes. no you do not need to matrix. questins are ok. Better than doing it wrong no?

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