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so I've got 3 American DJ Mega Bar Pros and 5 Elation Optio RGBs running into emulation on my macbook.

I'm trying to gain control over each device individually and can't seem to do it. When I bring a color up on one of the mega bars all three will reflect the color change. I'm assuming it has something to do with the group settings, but I've messed around in there and still can't seem to make them work the way I'm trying to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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also I ran into a potentially horrific problem today with a crash that happened when I was editing a cue. The program crashed as per I've gotten accustomed to (something I've learned to live with as long as the program doesn't crash while running a show, I think I'll be fine).

The problem was this, when I reopened the program everything I had setup was gone. All my cues, all my patches, everything. Is this something that is unique to the latest version of the software? Is there a more stable build that I should be running (running Mac OSX 10.6 with the latest version available).

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you don;t need to make new groups. The mega bar pro is already grouped for you. Do you see the numbers 1-9 underneath panel 01? If you click on any of those 9 that is the section you can control. you can even group a bunch of sections together to respond to the same dmx commands. Make sense? If you want me too I will post a screen video. Let me know.

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