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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".

Hey everyone,

Are any of you using the APC40 with compushow? Just picked one up. Have it all hooked up, program isn't responding to it. I have it all set in midi setup,computer is seeing it and telling me its functioning fine, it works fine with Ableton, just that compushow isn't registering it. Anyone else have this, or is it just me. What am I doing wrong????
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Ok, think I got it-found a compulive thread that seemed to translate, and is working thus far......

For anyone else........
Right click on the console in window whatever you want to assign-
Open the console tab on the top of that window-
Go to auto set up-
Press button/push fader/rotate knob you want to assign-
Should be linked, now assign button, switch....

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