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Please, write an entire chapter on the audio analysis and anything to do with sound to lights. It's not adequately covered in the manual.

One thing that would be nice is for the audio analysis to not reset every time you open it.

If I change the sensitivity from automatic to manual and adjust the level on it, it would be nice if the settings would save and be there when I open the audio analysis the next time.

I think Elation underestimates how important sound to light is on the software implementation.

Sound to light is on every low end controller out there. Why is a feature that is seen as important for even the cheapest lighting controllers, so hard to use on a higher end product.
so i just got some time to work on this again.

i set the button in the easy step editor to respond to BPM. i have the audio analysis set to 'learning' where i set the tempo by tapping F5. I am not seeing any response in my 3D.

I am leaving to go on tour soon and would love to have this all figured out before i leave
I made sure audio was turned on.
Click on controller, then drop down to starting parameters and select that.
When the new window opens up, select the tab that says audio/midi and a new screen opens.
Check the box that says: "this setting allows you to read audio from the sound card......"
Click on the "OK" box.
Then I started from scratch.
I created a new show
I added pages (my fixtures)
I set up a scene (all blue on all lights)
I clicked the "scene" button and created a new scene. I checked the "as you see it now" box and saved the scene as scene 1. All the lighs were blue.

Then I did some editing to the scene:

While the new scene was selected, I clicked on the "edit" button
The edit screen opened up
I selected the easy step tab.
A list of steps shows up and there is only one step currently.
I highlighted the step and then selected the copy button, then the paste button.
This created a new step.
With the new step highlighted I then changed the sliders until the lights were all green.
Now I have 1 step that is all blue and one that is all green.

I left the fade in times at 0000 and made the on times 1 minute.

I selected the loop button.

I selected the buttom 3 buttons to the right of the loop button until the button has a speaker icon (it will display a pop up window that says "Follows music BPM" if you mouse over the button.

I close the box, saying yes when it asks me to save changes.

Now when I tap on the mic, it changes to the beat.

This is a good time to open the audio analysis window and set the sensitivity in the sound to light panel.


I don't know if this contains errors, extra steps or is even correct, but it's my attempt at giving you a step by step of what I did.

It seems to work for me this way.
Hope this is of some help!

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