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hey kkiger. u know i was lookin around for the sound active dmx traits on the manuals to the LED lights and i cannot find em. so i am also not sure about getting the sound functions to work within compuware as i just have the demo right now but i will be getting the actual software sometime this week. we might need to wait for someone ele's help on this one. peace. jingles.
When you click the zoom function, do you click the fader and slide it or do you click the pallet then slide the fader? the proper way to do it is click the pallet then slide the fader. If none works maybe you need to go to the fixture and put it on a test mode and make sure that the zoom works that may be the problem, if it does work, then it is in the program, and you may need to edit if it is the program or re install it. As for the special (auto-music) it could be in the editing you may want to check that, if none else works make sure you have the right addressing on the fixtures.

So the DLED 36 have a mic for stand alone mode.
When you don't use a DMX controller it has microphone mode.
But when you plug it in to a controller.. microphone mode goes away.

The CMY zoom had music trigger as well. But when you select this option you need to crank up the music.
These functions are found in the light not the software.

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