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I have read some stuff and need a clarification. I inherited the Compu 2006 DMX controller. Are there different levels of this program that would allow for certain numbers of channels?

I.E. Some programs only allow for 128 channels, some only allow for 250 channels, etc.

If so, how can I tell if my program does not have the full 512 channels?

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Hi Fish,

You have a lot of learning to do. Hopefully Jingles will be able to help you more.

Anyhow, when you set up your pages, each page shows you the channels you are using. Say 1-56 or 213-400.

So when you study the pages, you can use this information to make sure you do not overlap channels, and you can clearly see how many channels you have free.

You can also download the latest software, which should work with your 2006 interface.

In the 3D visualizer of 2008 software, you will see a Stage drop down menu. You can sellect add fixture, and it will show you window of all 512 channels used and unused.

Best regards,

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