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Rayco I don't have a BCf2K in front of me so I am passing this to another guy in the office that has one. He will respond as soon as he can. However I must say you are catching us at almost the end of our work day. We will try to get this answered for you ASAP. however try different settings yourself. Say out put 1 and input also on one. you only have one USB cable connected anyways right? Your not doing a midi loop are you?
Thanks for the advice.

I have another one now as the other was faulty.

Was wondering how to write code for the map as a lot of the bits on the BCF2k don't work with the Elation software.

I wanted to have the 'push' knobs selecting a group, then use the 'turn' facility to ajust the parameters, i.e. chan-1 would do dimmer, chan-2 would do pan etc. etc.

might be a lot of work but whats the point of having all those knobs doing nothing.
Here is Something my developer told me to post. This will help you edit the .xml file for your midi map for the BCf2K.
First Download MidiOX 7.0 from here:
Install it and launch it, Emulation should not run!!!

Configure MidiOX:
Config your Midi Interface. Go to Menu "Options\MidiDevices" and select your BCF2000 on the right (out deviced) an left side (in devices).
Press ok, and turn any fader, encoder, button on the bcf. You should see hex data in the midi OX main window. If this is ok, follow the next steps. If not, check your device manager if you could see the bcf2000.

Dump your Current BCF2000 Config (Complete SysEX Dump):

Go to View\SysEx
There you could choose SysEx\Recieve Manual Dump...
Select a higher Preset on BCF2000 (with preset Buttons). In my situation it works on preset 8 or higher. Ill think one led on the encoder buttons should be on.
Than you switch your BCF2000 in Global Setup Mode
To enter Global Setup Mode hold "Edit" Button and push the "Store" Button. Release all Buttons, in the display you can read "GS". After that you turn Push-Encoder 6 right and choose "all".
Press encoder 6. The BCF2000 starts sending the Presets (it shows an animation in the display).
After receiving the SysEx File in Midi-Ox you could Save the Data when you click right on the Datafield (Save As) in Midi-Ox.

Send/Store SysEX Dump:

Exit the GS Mode with the Exit Button or restart your bcf2000
Select the preset you want to overwrite
Select in MidiOX View/SysEX
Select "Send Sysex File" in first Menu and select the file you want to send (for cuelux preset the attached sysex dump)
MidiOX sends the file and the BCD shows an animation on the display

If it is a complete SysEX Dump, the bcf stores all the data automaticlly
If you just send one preset (like the Emulation sysex dump) you must store the received data to one preset.

To do so, just press the store button once (led flashes), select the preset you want to overwrite with the preset buttons, press
store again to overwrite the selected preset with the received data.

You are done configuring your bcf2000. Reset it once!

Configuring BCF2000 in Emulation:

Close MidiOX
Launch Emulation and go to "Options/Midi"
Select BCF2000 in the "Input Device" list and also in the "Output Device" list. As map you must select "Behringer BCF2000".

Now you are ready. Restart Emulation, select the correct preset on your BCF2000 (where you have sored the sysex dump) and have fun.

ON MAC PLEASE USE: offers the SysEx Librarian"
Here is link to download the BCF2000 jpg and the .syx file.
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Dear elation team
i thought it would be better to ask my question here. Ive got this device too and it works well, but is there something in the software to e.g. Put pan and tilt or the colours of all led fixtures on fader. So that they cann controll channel too?
Please send me an answer on "moritz-ulonska@"

with kind regards Moritz Ulonska

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