Total newbie here, and I'm in the process of getting a small system for my band. Looking at 8 Irradiant LED PAR56 cans, stands, etc. but am having trouble figuring out what the best board would be to run this. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money here...

Any ideas, suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
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Roger Welcome to the forums. I would suggest for someone starting out a DMX operator 192. Or even a magic 260 or My DMX From American DJ. Take a look around the elation website and the ADJ website and see what is in your price range.
Hi Guys Smiler

I'm new today to these forums & wondered too about Elation light controllers....Has there been anything good or bad said about the Elation Operator Pro Lighting Controller as i would like to buy one of these, apparently it is a two in one board with dimming capabilities as well....any feedback would be greatly appreciated...Also, i live in Australia, can you let me know if you know about this controller what power supply i would need to find here in Australia as we have 240volts power supply.

Kind Regards

Hey JinglesSmiler

Many thanx for such a speedie reply...i have jumped over to the ADJ forums & found you there doing posts as well

Keep Up Ya Good Work, Much Appreciated!!

Hope to speak again soon

(Adelaide, South Australia)
I use a combo of LED's, Movers and Par Cans ,so I look forward to the Trio...It also looks like it has a DMX "In", so I hope to tie in my SD2 ?.....Thanks,GF
It seems this console would be perfectly suitable for almost any type of light. But without a manual, it's a bit unclear.

As far as release date, I have no idea. I don't work for Elation. I get frustrated when I see new product that I am interested in and can't get the information I want. In this case, I'm not interested in the product, but you guys are. It would be nice to have a manual to download and get familiar with, that's for sure!
Gfuller2K Apparently there has been a issue manufacturing this series of products. The final release date has been pushed back. I wanted one of these too.
Thank you Jingles....and who is Studio 42? Does he represent Elation, or American DJ? or is he just someone who surfs the Forums giving his opinions on everything he can. I've been biting my tongue for months now, but Come on....Every Posting ?

If he does work for Elation, maybe he can be calmed down a bit....If not , I guess it's a free country, and that's what we get with a public forum....

I'm sure you've heard this before, just couldn't resist today...Again , Thanks for the update.... Gary Smiler

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