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Found the Beta link in another thread so I downloaded it. If you could run through a few basics on a couple of things I can probably pick up from there.

1. Guess it pertains to the earlier versions also, if you could explains cycles-what they do and how to program?

2. Sound to light?

3. Import and export page in the page window?

Thanks again!
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Hi strange.

1) If you are familiar with compu live then you are familiar with cycles. A cycle is like a stack list or a cue list. say you created 20 scenes, but didn't want all of them to play and wanted them to play in a set order and time. If you create a cycle and select your scenes in the order you want then you can play them back based on a set time or duration of each scene or you can have all of them or some of them trigger as a "GO" function.
In the buttons tab click cycle and once you have the cycle button be sure to bring up the cycle window as located in the controller section. now click on your cycle button then go to the cycle window and click the record button. now go and select your scenes in the order you wish to play them back. you can also use switches. Once you have your order set, you can then adjust the duration by dragging the end of the scene on the timeline to stretch it out or I think it is shift right click the scene button on the timeline in the cycle window to bring up a dialogue box that will let you edit certain functions and parameters. Once you have it all set click the cycle button again. it should ask if you wish to save, select yes and it should playback. If you want call me tomorrow and we can go over it.

2) If you created say a RGB color chase or mix effect using easy time or easy step you can set those to follow the BPM of the sound to light function. it's easier for me to show you or talk about over the phone.

3) Say you have 2 different set ups of your rig. But you don't use the same number of fixtures or you only use a certain fixture at a certain event. you can simply program it in then when your not using it at a gig export the page and when you need it again import it back in without losing any programming. Think of it as a individual page archive.

Hope this helps.

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