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Have just found your Mac DMX software. Downloaded it and am testing now.

I find it to be very buggy and can crash it at will, I feel the Mac version was not quite ready for release.

BUT, I feel it has the potential to be the best DMX software available and not just on the mac.

We use Daslight and a few other programs alongside a Avolites and Zero88 desk. But this is what we have been waiting for, a 'proper' DMX program which we can run on the more stable Mac platform and use the power of the Mac to it's best advantage.

What it needs now is to be more stable (catch and hide the crashes if you cant stop them), and a few of the bugs fixed.

One annoying thing is that when we start the program it opens up with ALL the programmed sub-masters FULL ON. This can mean going through the 8 pages and pulling down 64 faders.

It also needs a good 3D preview, not a 3rd party pay-for thing. The Mac has great 3d graphics built in so it can be perfect for this, with dual screens etc. we would be able to program our mobile shows before set-up.

We also need to be able to add our own fixtures, easily done but a nice little 'Scanlibrary' type program would be a nice addition.

Great start and a good little interface (what about a hardware controller to match the software).

Keep up the good work, now we've ordered the full version we're depending on you.

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Also we will have our own profile builder software but it is not released yet and we have no set release date for it. As Far as a 3D goes you could use your daslight interface and 3D software if your daslight interface has dmx input but if i am correct daslight only works on windows platform. So maybe you could test this on your windows machine once you get the interface for emulation.
Regarding the Mac software:

Please be aware that some developers make their software to adhere very rigidly to a pre-determined standard, and when that standard changes, well, sometimes the results aren't pretty.

ProTools is one of those. Notorious for getting wonky after some Mac OS updates. Right now, I'm holding off on upgrading to 10.6.x until I buy my upgrade to ProTools 8.

Similarly, for a long time, Pro Tools was not compatible with XP Service Pack 3.

It's possible Emulation has similar issues. It won't be the last time some software packages develop issues.

What I'd do if practical is to do a clean install of your OS and see if Emulation works fine. It could be some of your other software may have shoved some stuff in the system directory that maybe Emulation isn't having a nice time with. Macs overall don't tend to have these sort of issues. PC's are known for practically everything having to throw files into certain areas that doesn't seem necessary.
I look forward to seeing that picture. As a MyDMX user, the Korg nanoKONTROL is a neat little device, but in some ways is lacking. I suggested probably on the ADJ forum that it would be nice if a lighting company developed or OEM'ed a MIDI controller with lighting control in mind.

Any word when this might have a page of it's own on the Elation site? Depending on specs, it might be worth it to me to pick one up.

I have a feeling I'll be moving to Compu soon, so at least the controller can move along with me.
I can say the midi con is awesome. I have seen it at LDI and it has been present at our most recent trade shows. In fact if you watch the namm 2010 video on the elation pro you tube channel you can see it. It is quickly featured.
And Chris if you get the next generation compu live there is already a virtual midi con console built into the software. As soon as i find a decent pic i will post it.
I saw a picture of the MIDI CON(yes, an Elation product) on a few German music merchant sites.

I can't say anything one way or another until I get to play with one. I am pretty fond of my nanoKONTROL....

I think when I can read a manual and spend some time looking and using one, it would help a lot. From what I see, it already LOOKS to be useful.

One of the things that is lacking with software DMX control is having a tactile interface. Digital Audio is going through growing pains in this as well, but is largely over that hump in many regards. Mixing with a mouse kinda sucks. I can only say that doing lights with a mouse also CAN suck, but maybe not as hard as with audio.

It is nice to see MIDI making a comeback!
I have actually bought the Behringer controller.

The MidiCon looks good but it is far too expensive, £400 over here, better putting the cash towards a 'proper' desk.

I would have thought it prudent for Elation to build an interface which closely matches the software (the MidiCon has lots of extra bells and whistles). Surely the design of the screen interface must have come from somewhere, was it just made up or is it the intention to built a box?

Can anyone tell me how to start the software without the faders all being up?
Well thats is obviously another BUG !!!

The link in the 'Options' window reports 'New new version available' and the auto check function must not be working.

Sorry to be a bit pernickety but at over £300 for a cable and a software download I did at least expect the software to be reasonably well settled and tested.

I have even offered to beta test the Mac version, been using Macs since 1984 and I can break anything. Then all you have to do is speed up the turnaround on posting updates.

Will look at Build.14 now and decide.
Select any fixture and click 'copy' and it crashes.

Nice if you hit that by accident at a concert with 6,000 people watching a live band as we will have this Saturday.

Very expensive for the pleasure of being a tester.

PS - Your link says Build.14 and the program says b.12 in 'About' box it says;
1.02.12 (1.02.9)

I think this is build.12 not 14
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