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Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to build profiles for my lights or do I need to ask elation every time I buy a new light?

I'm sure some of these are already available, but they're not on my M260. I don't use all these at the same time, but would like to create a show incorporating all these, then I can just bring what I want and not have to worry about a show being in the controller.

Vizi Scan LED Pro
Vizi Spot LED Pro
Vizi Spot 5R
Punch Pro LED
X-Laser X-Pods
Blizzard Flurry Wash
ADJ Fusion FX Bar 2
ADJ Fusion FX Tri Bar
WPAL 60Watt LED Scanners
Quad Phase
Revo III
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Hello Joe,

Yes you can create the profiles yourself but it is a little difficult and takes time to pick up. It is not an issue when you ask us for the profile every time. We are usually prompt about returning emails and creating and sending profiles. It is not a long process, a day or 2 at max. I have majority of the lights you requested. I just don't have the WPAL, X-Laser, Blizzard profiles. I will need you to email me the user manauls to the fixtures. My email address is Thanks.
Hi Joel, Thank you for your quick response! At this point I think I have bigger issues then I thought. I tried connecting the M360 to my PC and I keep getting a message that reads, "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfuntioned, and Windows cannot recognize it". I tried using the CD that came with the controller, and I also downloaded the Ulink driver from the Website, but nothing seems to help me.

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