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Hey Everyone,
I have a "DMX Operator Pro" and I am having a strange problem with the second light. We only have 2 lights, they are "LED-PALET COLORpalette". We are in 6 channel mode and we have both lights grouped together. It is possible to turn number 1 on totally red by itself, but when you try to turn off number 1 and just use 2 as red, number 1 changes to green. Is there any way this could be avoided? If you need any more information to help solve my problem feel free to ask, it's my first time using this type of lighting system.

Thanks for any replies.
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Hi CJCURL and welcome to the forums.

Can you provide a link to the light in question? It sounds like you might have a control and/or color macro channel on and this is why the lights are acting odd. It might also be an addressing/setup issue. Have you tried the setup on another DMX console and experienced the same issues?

Let us know and hopefully we can help resolve this issue for you. Once again, welcome to the forums.
Hi CJ,

Here's what I recommend.
Set the second panel exactly as the first panel.

Address and all. They should do the exact same thing when you use the DMX operator pro. This is your starting point.

When and if they do the same thing or not, then it sounds like anything would be an issue with your light.
You should contact the manufacturer of the light which is Chuavet as this forum is only to support the Elation products. Once you get the Chauvet lights figured out and you have questions on the DMX Operator Pro get back to us on this forum or we can send you a DVD on how to use DMX Operator Pro.
Simpy e-mail with your name and address and a DVD will be sent free of charge.

Best regards,

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